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These Rules are developed in accordance with the Civil code of the Russian Federation, the Law of the Russian Federation № 2300-1 from 07.02.1992 “On protection of consumer rights”, “Rules of hotel services in the Russian Federation” (approved by the Government of the Russian Federation № 1853 from 18.11.2020), other Federal and regional regulations governing the activities of hotels and regulate relations in the field of hotel services in The Hotel “PREMIUM” (hereinafter referred to as the Hotel).


1.1. The hotel accepts reservations from legal entities and individuals. The guest, or any other person in the interests of the Guest, sends a reservation request to the Hotel by phone/Fax: +7 (812) 713-25-44 or by e-mail: [email protected]

1.2. Upon receipt of the application, the Hotel assigns it a serial number, specified in the future when correspondence between the Hotel and the Guest.

1.3. The booking request must contain the following information: Guests names; Date and time of arrival and departure of the guest (group of guests); Type, non-Smoking rooms; Payment method (cash/Bank transfer);

1.4. If the Guest does not provide the information specified in paragraph 1.3. these rules the Hotel reserves the right to refuse a guest (group of guests) in the confirmation of the reservation. 1.5. The hotel within 24 (twenty four) hours from the moment of receipt of the reservation request confirms the guest’s reservation or refuses to satisfy the application. If the reservation is confirmed, the Hotel will send a confirmation message to the Guest. In case of refusal, the Hotel will send a confirmation message to the Guest. These messages are sent to the Guest by Fax +7 (812) 713-25-44 or by e-mail: [email protected]

1.6. The hotel confirms the Guest’s booking request only if there are available rooms of the requested category in the Hotel.

1.7. From the moment of confirmation Of the hotel booking request and its direction to the Guest specified in the confirmed application number is considered pre-booked, except as provided in paragraph 2 of these Rules.

1.8. If necessary, within 1 working day, the Hotel sends to the Guest a standard contract for the provision of hotel services, in which the parties agree on the terms of payment, the list of services, etc. the Room is guaranteed to be booked at the time of receipt of the prepayment to the account or to the hotel cash Desk, as well as in cases provided for in paragraph 2 of these Rules.


2.1. Guaranteed booking means the presentation of The guest hotel guarantees (irrevocable irrevocable obligation) to pay for accommodation services, as well as other Hotel services.

2.2. Guaranteed booking-a type of booking, in which the hotel expects the consumer to the estimated hour of the day following the day of the scheduled arrival.

2.3. Guaranteed booking is also considered in the following cases:

2.4. When making a Guest 100% prepayment for Hotel services;

2.5. If there is a valid agreement between the Hotel and the Guest, which establishes the right of the Guest to delay payment;

2.6. When providing The guest with the original letter of the company with payment guarantees; 2.7. In the presence of a written order of the General Director of the Hotel.

2.8. Any other cases of booking hotel services by the Guest is considered to be non-guaranteed.


3.1. Cancellation of the guaranteed reservation or reduction of the period of stay must be sent to the Hotel no later than 3 days before the Hotel’s check-in time (14:00) in the Low season or 7 days before the date of arrival in the high season. In case Of no-show of the guest on the guaranteed reservation, the fee for the actual downtime of the room in the amount of the daily cost of accommodation will be charged. If you are late for more than a day guaranteed reservation is canceled. When checking in guests at a discount, in the case of early departure, payment for accommodation is calculated not at the contractual cost, and the cost, according to the price list.

3.2. In case of non-guaranteed confirmed reservation, the reservation will be canceled at 14:30 on the day of arrival. 3.3. Special cancellation conditions can be applied to Special rates (vouchers, package offers), which are prescribed for each individual tariff, if special conditions are not specified, then standard cancellation conditions n

3.1 apply to the tariff.


4.1. The mode of operation of the Hotel — hour.

4.2. When checking in, the Guest provides a document confirming his identity and makes payment for accommodation at the Hotel. In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, identity documents are: a) the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation proving the identity of the citizen of the Russian Federation in the territory of the Russian Federation; b) the passport of the citizen of the USSR proving the identity of the citizen of the Russian Federation before its replacement in due time on the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation; c) birth certificate — for a person under 14 years of age; d) the passport proving the identity of the citizen of the Russian Federation outside the Russian Federation — for the person constantly living outside the Russian Federation; e) the passport of the foreign citizen or other document established by the Federal law or recognized according to the international agreement of the Russian Federation as the document proving the identity of the foreign citizen; f) a document issued by a foreign state and recognized in accordance with an international Treaty of the Russian Federation as an identity document of a stateless person; g) permit for temporary residence of a stateless person; h) residence permit of a stateless person.


5.1. Payment for accommodation and services provided by the Hotel is carried out at prices set by the price List approved by the General Director of the Hotel. Payment method: Bank transfer (Bank transfer) Credit card payment Payment in cash

5.2. When booking, accommodation or free accommodation, the guest chooses the room category, and the right to choose a specific room belonging to this category remains with the hotel.

5.3. Accommodation on credit is not available at the Hotel.

5.4. In case of disagreement of the guest with the payment terms the guest may refuse the booking. The guest, expressing his / her consent to the reservation, accepts the terms of payment for the hotel room.

5.5. Guaranteed time host / check-out time — 2 p.m. of the current day Moscow time.

5.6. Check-Out time — 12:00 Moscow time

5.7. Early check-in and late check-out is subject to availability, at prices set by the price List approved by the General Director of the Hotel.

5.8. If you need to extend your Stay at the hotel, the Guest can contact the Administrator of the reception service at least 24 hours before departure (for Guests staying at the Hotel for two days or more). Subject to availability, the period of stay can be extended in accordance with the current price List approved by the General Director of the Hotel.

5.9. In case of delay of departure of the consumer the payment for accommodation is charged in the following order: Not more than 6 hours after checkout time — hourly payment; from 6 to 12 hours after checkout time — payment for half a day; from 12 to 24 hours after checkout time — full day fee When placing the consumer from 0 hours 00 minutes before the set check-out time, the accommodation fee is charged in the amount not exceeding the fee for half a day.

5.10. Additional services are available at an additional cost. Information about the list and cost of Additional services is provided at the reception

5.11. Children up to 6 years old stay free of charge.

5.12. The hotel offers the Following services at no extra charge:

  • call an ambulance and other special services;
  • medical emergency;
  • delivery to the number of correspondence addressed to the consumer upon its receipt;
  • a Wake-up call;
  • provision of boiling water, needles, threads, utensils and Cutlery
  • business services (faxing, Photocopying services)
  • the hotel has a private entrance and the possibility of Parking in the courtyard access
  • the Internet
  • room service
  • daily maid service
  • taxi call
  • information on schedules of trains and planes;
  • Luggage storage after check out.

Services provided at extra charge:

  • Excursion service Visa support
  • Booking of air and railway tickets
  • Theatre tickets booking
  • Taxi order Laundry
  • Dry-cleaner

5.13. For guests staying more than 2 days, in all room categories, bed linen is changed on the third day from the date of arrival, towels are changed daily. An early change of bed linen can be requested.

5.14. Rooms are cleaned every day.

5.15. When leaving the Hotel, the Guest makes the final payment for the services provided, including additional services, passes the room key to the Administrator of the reception service.


6.1. In case of loss or damage to the property of the Hotel to compensate the damage in the manner prescribed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. The amount of damage is determined based on the price List approved by the General Director of the Hotel. 6.2. Keep clean and tidy.

6.3. To keep quiet from 23:00 to 7 pm Moscow time.

6.4. Strictly observe the fire safety rules established by the current legislation of the Russian Federation, and prevent actions that may lead to a fire or fire. And also comply with the Federal law of 23.02.2013 № 15-FZ “on the protection of public health from the effects of ambient tobacco smoke and the consequences of tobacco consumption”.

6.5. Leaving the room, close the water taps, Windows, turn off the lights and electrical appliances (hair dryer, chargers, etc.).

6.6. After the paid period of stay — vacate the room.


7.1. Transfer the room key and guest card to third parties.

7.2. Stay in a room with Pets and birds (except for certain types of rooms in agreement with the sales Department).

7.3. Bring on the territory of the Hotel and store explosive and firearms, as well as things and substances seized or restricted in circulation by the legislation of the Russian Federation. The guest with the appropriate permission from the competent authorities about the storage of explosive items and firearms are kindly requested to inform the Hotel.

7.4. Use heating devices, except for those installed in the room.

7.5. Rearrange and move furniture.

7.6. Smoking on site except designated areas clearly marked Designated Smoking area.

7.7. To disturb the peace of other Guests, creating noise.

7.8. Drink alcoholic beverages, as well as eat food in public areas of the Hotel (halls floors). 7.9. Guests who are not registered at the reception, stay in the hotel rooms from 23:00 to 7:00 Moscow time.


8.1. Ensure the quality of services provided.

8.2. Provide full information about the services provided by the Hotel, the form and order of payment, place information in the room in the Guest Folder on the official website www.hotel-premium.ru, or at the reception of the Hotel

8.3. Provide at the first request of the Guest Book reviews and suggestions, which is located at the reception

8.4. Immediately to consider the demands and complaints of the Guests and to take appropriate action for their resolution.


9.1. The hotel has the right to refuse the Guest to stay in the Hotel in case of violation of these Rules and late payment of Hotel services.

9.2. The requirement of the Guest to reduce the cost of the rendered service (accommodation, additional service) or its full refund in connection with its failure to provide or not in full, shall be subject to consideration and if there is a fault of the Hotel – satisfaction within 10 banking days from the date of the Guest’s request. In this case, the reason for such a requirement must be stated by the Guest in writing and presented in a timely manner, but not later than the day of departure from the Hotel.

9.3. In accordance with the Federal law of 08.05.1994 №3-FZ “on the status of a member of the Federation Council and the status of a Deputy of the state Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation” and the Federal law of 06.10.1999 № 184-FZ on the General principles of the organization of legislative (representative) and Executive bodies of state power of the subjects of the Russian Federation» members of the Federation Council, deputies of the state Duma, deputies of the subjects of the Russian Federation and their assistants have an exhaustive list of rights, including the right to settle the abovementioned persons free of charge in a private hotel. In connection with the above, the Hotel is not able to accommodate representatives of the Federal Assembly and representatives of legislative and Executive bodies of state power of the subjects of the Russian Federation free of charge, as well as provide such persons with related accommodation services (food, entertainment, transportation costs, etc.).

9.4. In case of expiration of the Guest’s stay in the Hotel and in the absence of the Guest in the occupied room from 12:00 to 23:00 hours Moscow time of departure (if the stay is not extended and not paid in time), the Hotel has the right to create a Commission to carry out an inventory of the property located in the room of the absent Guest, and vacate the room. The procedure for returning the above described property or the property forgotten by the Guest after departure is carried out by the Hotel in accordance with the regulations on forgotten and found things (Appendix No. 1 to these Rules).

9.5. The hotel, in accordance with article 925 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation is responsible for the safety of Guest things, except for money, other currency values, securities and other precious things. For the loss of money, other currency values, securities and other precious things of the Guest, the Hotel is responsible only if they were accepted by the hotel for storage or were placed by the Guest in the individual safe provided by the Hotel, located in the security service of the Hotel.

9.6. The guest who discovered the loss, shortage or damage of their belongings, shall without delay declare the property on the counter of the reception. Otherwise, the Hotel is released from responsibility for the safety of things.


When the Guest leaves the room, the receiving room employee of the hotel service (administrator, castellan, maid) (hereinafter — the employee of the SGH) can find the things forgotten by the Guest. In this case, he must immediately make every effort to return the forgotten thing to the owner:

  1. If the Guest has just left the room, the SGH employee informs the senior administrator of the reception and accommodation Service (hereinafter — spir), who in turn takes measures to inform the Guest in person or by phone. In conversation with the Guest or the representative of the company from which the Guest lived, the number of forgotten things is specified, it is specified that the thing used, in any case classification of the found — is not made (for example, a gold chain (platinum, silver, etc.), only color of metal is specified).
  2. If the forgotten thing is found at the time when the Guest has already left the Hotel, the employee of the SGH must inform about the finding of the employee of the spir or the sales Manager, if the reservation was made through a company or travel Agency. The above-mentioned employees of a service must immediately notify the owner of the forgotten thing in person, at the address or phone number left at the time of booking or upon arrival, or contact a representative of the company from which the Guest lived. The employee of spir or sales Department conduct further negotiations.
  3. All forgotten things are put by the administrator of SGH in a clean package with the Appendix of the list of things, room number, date when things are found and surnames of the found employee. The administrator then FH makes an entry about the discovery, The Journal of forgotten or lost things. Found things (except documents, money, other currency values, securities and other precious things of the Guest) are stored in the SGH for 6 months in the office of the SGH.
  4. If the Guest who left my clothes, went to the Hotel, things are returning him to the administrator of the ITF with the mandatory introduction of the entry in the “Journal of forgotten or lost things”: F. name, signature, date, record “Received. No complaints”.
  5. If at the request of the owner takes things another person, he must present a notarized power of attorney.
  6. Documents, money, other currency values, securities and other precious things of the Guest are stored in the safe, located in the security Service of the Hotel.
  7. The hotel is not obliged to store the products forgotten by the Guest in the room, alcoholic beverages in the container (opened or not opened).
  8. Closed containers (e.g. spirits) are stored in the SGH for 7 days. At the end of this period, the Hotel has the right to keep them no longer.
  9. Open containers (alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, canned food, etc.), products are stored in SGH 1 day. At the end of this period, the Hotel has the right to keep them no longer.
  10. All material assets found in the public areas of the Hotel, immediately surrendered to the SGH for further return to their rightful owners in accordance with this Regulation.
Kuznechny Lane of 14a
(an entrance from the Marat St., 22-24)