Kuznechny Lane of 14a
(an entrance from the Marat St., 22-24)


The rooms in this category: Klassika
Price Residence
3 500 руб. 1 час
Standart 2 category:
The rooms in this category: Malahitovaya, Yashmovaya
Price Residence
1 250 руб. 1 час
The rooms in this category: Avanturinovaya, Zhemchuzhnaya, Lunnaya, Perlamutrovaya
Price Residence
2 450 руб. 1 час
The rooms in this category: Agatovaya, Yantarnaya
Price Residence
1 750 руб. 1 час
The rooms in this category: Yahontovaya gostinnaya
Price Residence
3 750 руб. 1 час
The rooms in this category: Regent VIP
Price Residence
3 500 руб. 1 час
The rooms in this category: Opalovaya, Sapfirovaya
Price Residence
3 250 руб. 1 час
от 7 900 руб. 12 часов
от 10 500 руб. сутки
Standart 1 category:
The rooms in this category: Izumrudnaya, Korallovaya, Нефритовая
Price Residence
1 350 руб. 1 час
There is no checkout time in the hotel. We suggest to consider different options of rent of number: for hour, 2 hours, night and days: it isn’t necessary to reserve number for a long time to hold a smart photoshoot in hotel or a party in a spa-zone. Refined interiors of hotel will add originality and refinement to a wedding album. It is enough to call in administration of hotel beforehand, to reserve room an specify conditions of carrying out shooting.
Special offers are rooms for honeymooners and couples which are fall in love in Saint-Petersburg!
Premium-hotel is offering an exclusive service with an individual approach for each client.

People who are travelling a lot will confirm that room with Jacuzzi for them isn’t a luxury but a necessity.

Just imagine! After long day full of business meetings or tiring walks at the fresh air, coming back into the room you can not only stay under the streams of hot shower or lay in the bath, but feel how a nice hot Jacuzzi bubbles are wandering through your body. And your body relaxes and sinks into the bliss.

Not only guests but residents of St. Petersburg too are looking for hotels with Jacuzzi on different internet-catalogs and sites to spent first wedding night, to celebrate a wedding anniversary, to spend romantic evening or just relax.

Our Premium-class hotel is offering to our guests several rooms equipped with Jacuzzi. Hotel is in the centre of Saint-Petersburg, not far from Nevsky prospect and main attractions. However we are making our guests enjoy silence and comfort in their rooms and be surrounded by care and comfort. There are soft beds, home environment, TVs with a lot of channels and internet connection, DVD, phones safe and air conditioning in our hotel rooms.

All rooms with Jacuzzi are decorated in a refined and elegant way. Each room is unique by color palette and have a fine furnishings.

Our rooms will satisfy even the most demanding guests.

For those who won’t confined by a room we can offer spa services. Here you can forget about worries and troubles of last day, get rid of tension and stress which accumulated during not the one month.

If you are going to get married and looking for a room with Jacuzzi to spend unforgettable night, we can advise to pay attention on offer for honeymooners in which everyone will find something by his soul even if you are very demanding and discerning.

Our spa hotel “Premium” invites you to spend an unforgettable night in the hotel with Jacuzzi included.

Each year our life becomes more and more intense. New technologies (which are developed every hour), high speed improvements, all this says that the progress does not stand still. Every day we have less time needed. Sometimes we lack time for something which is not so considerable; however, sometimes we lack it for something really important. It’s no surprise that chronic fatigue syndrome refers to a modern human disease. We often dream to have day and night more than 24 hours.

We wish we could escape from rustle, have a rest and take a breath for a short time, at least for a couple of hours.

And besides, this all happens in your own city, where your family and friends are. The place where everything helps at home.

But what should you do if you have found yourself in a strange city (more often due to a business trip), completely unfamiliar to you? Or even if it is a foreign country? Where everything seems unknown, strange people. Where time is even shorter. And you still have an hour before the next meeting and you are like in seventh heaven. What should you do in this case? How can you come to senses and refresh your mind? You’re lucky if you are staying for a couple of days. You can easily get back to the hotel you stay in and have a shower. But, what if it is only several hours that you have? And all of a sudden there is a gap in your schedule?

No worries, you have a way out, one-hour hotel stay. Usually big cities have a quite big range of one-hour suits. This one-hour gap is unstable and it can easily go into two hours. Then you can take your time and take a rest.
No matter where you at the moment (either it is your own city or you have a business trip), you can afford the luxury to shelter from the rustle, stay at the hotel and embrace the rose fragrance. This old saying remind us that sometimes you cannot but take a rest as it is of vital importance. The offered market is adapted to any people’s income level and requests. One-hour hotel may be located either in the centre of the city or in the residential districts. It is not important where you’ve found yourself; you can still be able to find a place to rest you desire.

This offer for you, dear honeymooners, newly married couples, loving couples and everyone who has an unerring taste! Do you need a room for an exclusive photo shoot? Now you do not need to hire a room for a whole day for having your photos taken in luxury interior of our spa-hotel rooms! We are glad to offer you to hire a room for one hour or a few hours to organize your admired photo shoot. Invent your unique story line! Certain, such photos will ideally fill up the wedding album, become a gift to beloved and keep sweet memory for those who want to compliment their photo albums collection!

Everything what you are expecting from a common hotel, you will find in a pay per hour hotel also. There are bed, douche or bath, internet and complaisant staff, who can find favor in the eyes of our guests and help them to relax.

Our spa hotel “Premium” is located in the very heart of St. Petersburg, at Kuznechny lane. Temporary relaxation in the hustle and bustle of the city among wonderful antique buildings will bring you back to life. And you can achieve it in an hour.

Kuznechny Lane of 14a
(an entrance from the Marat St., 22-24)