Kuznechny Lane of 14a
(an entrance from the Marat St., 22-24)

Booking rules

Booking rules

The hotel is designed to provide services to citizens with the intention to request and use the services of a hotel exclusively for personal use. These services are provided to customer on a reimbursable agreement.

The hotel “PREMIUM” accepting applications for reservation from legal persons in written form, to individuals — by means of telephone, facsimile and electronic communication and through the booking engine on the hotel website http://www.hotel-premium.ru/reservations.

Reservation is valid three banking days of receipt.

On the Bank details necessary to transfer funds in the amount of 1 nights accommodation at the hotel according to the room.

Guaranteed reservation — a reservation where the hotel expects the consumer to check-out time the day following the day of scheduled arrival.

After three banking days, and the lack of your money on the account is the cancellation of your reservation.

In case of no show the Guest for guaranteed booking will be charged for the actual simple rooms in the amount of the daily cost of living. If you miss more than a day guaranteed reservation is canceled.

When checking in guests with a discount in case of early departure, the accommodation charge is not calculated on the contractual value, and cost, according to the price list.

If you miss more than one day, the reservation will be cancelled.

When booking the accommodation or in the free settlement guest chooses room category, and the right to select the specific numbers belonging to this category remain in the property.

Payment methods:

 Bank transfer (wire transfer)

 Payment by credit card

 Payment in cash

When extending your stay at the hotel must inform the hotel at least 1 hour prior to departure. Your booking will be confirmed subject to availability.

For a daily stay your room is available from 14:00 hours to 12:00 next day, i.e. the current hour.

Up to checkout time (from 0 to 12 hours) the fee will not be charged.

In case of delayed check-out fee will be charged in the following order:

No more than 6 hours after checkout time — hourly payment;

from 6 to 12 hours after checkout time — payment for half a day;

from 12 to 24 hours after checkout time — payment for full day

For stays of one day (24 hours) payment is raised for days irrespective of a checkout time.

When placing consumers with 0 hours and 00 minutes before the set checkout time will be charged in the amount not exceeding the charge for half a day.

Kuznechny Lane of 14a
(an entrance from the Marat St., 22-24)