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Choosing the best hotel for a beach holiday

Choosing the right hotel for your stay will provide the tourist with great vacation memories. Travelers planning a vacation by the sea will appreciate the wide range of services offered by large hotel complexes of four stars or higher. Passive beach vacations involve almost constant stay on the territory of the hotel, so there are optimal conditions for tourists. Within the hotel you can find sports grounds, gyms, massage rooms, entertainment centers, shops, restaurants and other infrastructure.

Before proceeding with booking a room, it is recommended to carefully read the hotel’s tariff policy. The system of check-in and check-out presented here deserves attention. The estimated check-in time is set closer to noon, but in elite hotels, check-in takes place closer to 17:00. Hotels that provide early check-in and / or late check-out services are in demand. Hourly payment service is suitable for tourists who arrive at the resort earlier than the standard check-in date.

For booking, you can use the official website of the hotel. Here you must indicate the type of room, the number of beds, the approximate date of arrival and departure. Additional services and tariff plans must be agreed directly with the hotel. In Asia, for example, the method of placing guests after the fact (ROH or Run of house) is practiced. Its main advantage is the extremely low total cost of the selected room. Tourists also consider a transfer from the airport or the ability to rent a car to be a useful service. In the process of choosing a hotel for a beach holiday, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

Location. Popular hotels in major resorts are close to public beaches or offer access to private beach areas. In other words, housing can be located far from the geographical center of the city. If the purpose of the trip is also sightseeing tourism, you can try to find a hotel closer to the attractions of interest to the traveler.

Hotel class. The quality of service in a hotel determines its class. There are about three dozen different classifications, the most famous of which is the “star” system. For passive relaxation, the best option would be to book a hotel room with four or more stars. Previously, the system rated the maximum hotel class at five stars, but now there are hotels with six and seven stars.

Type of allocation. Large hotel complexes offer several options for accommodating guests. Single accommodation (SGL) is practiced by numerous economy-class hotels, but you can find decent rooms of this type in luxury hotels as well. The most popular are the double rooms Double (DBL) and Twin (TWN). The difference between the two is the number of beds. The Standard Double offers one double bed and the Twin offers two single beds. Triple (TRPL) and Quadriple (QDPL) rooms are suitable for families. Here, along with double beds, single beds are installed. If you need to stay at a hotel with a child, you should look for a room marked Child. It is recommended for guests to use the Extra Bed (ExB) service.

Supply system. There is an extensive classification of types of food in modern hotels. The most popular systems are BB (one meal a day in the form of breakfast), HB (half board with two meals a day, including a buffet) and FB (full board with three meals a day or all inclusive). The ultra all inclusive power type is a modified FB system. Here, along with three meals a day, elite drinks are provided, including imported alcohol. Accommodation in a hotel without meals is indicated by the abbreviations BO (bed only or bed only) or RO (room only or room only)

Descriptions and reviews. The Internet allows you to quickly find useful recommendations for choosing a hotel. Particular attention should be paid to the real reviews of tour operators and experienced tourists. They will give you some useful tips for booking rooms and hotel accommodation. You can carefully study the services and rooms on the hotel’s website. Pictures are often provided here to help you explore the rooms’ furnishings.

Information to help you choose a quality hotel room also includes various designations associated with the types of rooms available (Standard, Superior, Family, Apartments, Duplex and President) and buildings (main building, chalet, cabana, cottage and villa). The view from the window deserves a separate mention, for which you often have to pay extra. Rooms with sea (SV), ocean (OV), park (PV) and mountain (MV) views are more expensive.

Small private hotels or guesthouses can be a good option for tourists who prefer a beach holiday. If you plan to get to know the local flavor better, feel the cozy atmosphere of the resort town and devote time to sightseeing holidays, a mini-hotel family type will be the best solution. Unlike large international chains, these hotels provide a minimal set of services, but in terms of service they are not inferior to the best hotels in the region.

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Kuznechny Lane of 14a
(an entrance from the Marat St., 22-24)