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The most unique hotels in the world

There are many unusual hotels in the world. We present to your attention a selection of the seven most unique hotels on the planet.

Ice Hotel

Ice Hotel is located in Sweden, near the Arctic Circle. Everything in this hotel is made of real ice: ice walls, ice furniture and even dishes. Inside, the room is decorated with natural furs; you can sleep in the rooms, however, in warm sleeping bags. For entertainment, guests are offered reindeer sledding and sledding. Similar hotels began to be built in Norway, Finland, Canada, but the very first was built in Sweden.

Daintree eco

The most ecological hotel. You can find it in Australia in the oldest tropical forest, where, among lush greenery, half a dozen villas are hidden. These houses fully meet the ecological requirements of ecotourism and nature conservation. All electricity for household needs is generated from sunlight. A company for the production of environmentally friendly products was opened on the territory of the complex.

Hilton Hotel

The underwater hotel is located in the Maldives at a depth of over eight meters. It offers fine cuisine, spa treatments and rooms with coral reef views. The newlyweds also took a liking to this unusual hotel. Where can you find a more romantic place to get married than a hotel surrounded by hundreds of tropical fish?

Hang Nga Hotel

This crazy hotel was built in Vietnam, in the mountains, among the rainforest. It was built contrary to all the rules of architecture and resembles the trunk of an old tree, where instead of windows there are holes of irregular shape. From the inside, the room is equipped no less strangely: a cobweb hanging from the ceiling, winding stairs, amazing mirrors. Despite the considerable distance from the resorts, the hotel is incredibly popular with tourists.

Jin mao

Jin Mao is the tallest hotel at 88 floors in Shanghai. Its height is more than three hundred meters, half of the floors are occupied by offices, and the hotel is located above the 50th. The observation deck offers an unmatched view of the city. The beauty of the city at night can be seen from all windows of the building.

Montana magic

The Montana Magic is a Chilean anthill-shaped cone hotel. Located in the forest, all interior decoration and furniture are made of various types of wood, which gives a special comfort to the room.

Sala Silvermine Hotel

Sala Silvermine is located in Sweden and invites tourists to relax underground. The hotel is built in mines at a depth of more than 150 meters. Vacationers, in addition to treats, are offered to stroll through the underground mines and feel like a hero of The Lord of the Rings.

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Kuznechny Lane of 14a
(an entrance from the Marat St., 22-24)