Kuznechny Lane of 14a
(an entrance from the Marat St., 22-24)

Comfortable hotel for a young couple

It’s no secret that in many hotels rooms for newlyweds are the best rooms: they have delightful designs, an atmosphere of romance and love is imbued in every little detail, and the service staff will always come to the newlyweds first of all.

When planning a wedding, young couples pay great attention to finding a hotel room for the newlyweds; they always want every moment of this day to be saturated with romance. Finding a suite for newlyweds in St. Petersburg is a very serious and responsible task, because the end of the wedding day is the most important factor that a young couple will remember their holiday for a long time with love and awe.

Our best honeymoon hotels for you!

How to create the right atmosphere in a honeymoon suite? First of all, this is the service that our establishment offers you. We do our best to prolong the fairy tale of the wedding day as long as possible: your room will be pre-decorated and stylized, all the little things will be prepared so that after a long day full of worries and troubles, you and your half will be able to devote time only for each other.

The decoration of the newlyweds’ room is a very important detail that needs to be given special attention. Our experts will be able to make all your dreams and wishes come true, so that not a single trifle could disrupt the wedding evening.

We will also make sure that no one can disturb you earlier than you yourself wish. Take your time and check out – enjoy each other for a few more hours, which will forever remain in your memory and hearts.

Thanks to many years of experience in this field, we offer only the best honeymoon rooms that will match the class of your entire wedding.

Despite the fact that a wedding is a wonderful and unforgettable holiday, preparing for it takes a lot of strength and energy from the newlyweds. That is why, after a long and hectic day, the best solution would be to head to your luxurious room and enjoy time with each other.

In St. Petersburg, the best hotels for newlyweds are not uncommon, however, it is our institution that will allow you to spend the last hours of the wedding fairy tale as comfortably and pleasantly as possible before you have to return to the atmosphere of weekdays.

Thanks to the location of our hotel, your rooms will offer beautiful views of the cityscapes that may have previously gone unnoticed by you. St. Petersburg has long been considered one of the most attractive and romantic cities in our country, so it is not surprising that more and more young couples want to have their weddings here.

Kuznechny Lane of 14a
(an entrance from the Marat St., 22-24)