Kuznechny Lane of 14a
(an entrance from the Marat St., 22-24)

Wedding night at the hotel, which will be remembered forever

If you want the first wedding night of a young couple to be forever remembered as one of the happiest and happiest days of their life, then the best solution would be to stay in our inexpensive hotel for newlyweds.

The advantage of our establishment is that we created it according to individual designs, which combine a unique style and comfort, as well as an atmosphere of romance and love. Only after crossing the threshold of the hotel, you will not want to leave it so soon, because such comfort and quality of service are rarely seen in budget-type hotels. We offer newlyweds cozy and pleasant rooms, an atmosphere of romance and privacy, as well as excellent quality of service – everything you need for a young couple who wants to relax and unwind after a noisy wedding day.

The best hotel for newlyweds in St. Petersburg inexpensively

Why you should choose our institution:

• We have a wide variety of rooms for newlyweds, among which you can certainly choose the most suitable option for yourself;
• We set relatively inexpensive room rates, which will allow you to save money and spend this money on other matters necessary for the wedding event;
• Convenient location in the city, so you can easily get to your room in the evening, and go on to celebrate the next day.

Why is it so important to choose a good room for your wedding night?

Some people may think that it is not so important to spend their wedding night in a hotel, because there is always a house or apartment. But this is completely wrong. If you decide to spend a wedding day in St. Petersburg, then you should definitely make it unique and unforgettable, and nothing can destroy the atmosphere of a fairy tale and romance than returning to your native walls after a great time in the Northern capital.

An inexpensive room for newlyweds in St. Petersburg will allow you to extend this holiday of love for one more night, which the young will remember until the end of their days. We offer excellent living conditions, quality service and guarantee a great mood for the whole night!

This whole fairy tale is impossible without a separate room for the newlyweds. We are distinguished by a very comfortable location in the city, our windows offer an excellent view of the city spaces, which themselves are saturated with an atmosphere of love and romance.

Prices for a room for newlyweds in our establishment are relatively small and may vary depending on the size of the room and other additional services. We will do our best to ensure that one of the most important holidays in your life is not overshadowed by anything!

Kuznechny Lane of 14a
(an entrance from the Marat St., 22-24)