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Seven of the world’s tallest hotels

To spend an unforgettable vacation, you can go to exotic countries, do an extreme type of recreation, or you can rent a room in the highest hotel in the world. Today, there are seven incredibly high hotels where you can look at the world from a bird’s eye view and enjoy the extraordinary scenery that you can see from your room.

Rose Tower, United Arab Emirates

This hotel is considered one of the highest in the world, its height is 333 meters, has 72 floors. More than 180 million dollars were spent on the construction of such a high structure, it lasted a little more than 3 years, but the opening of the hotel was marked only in 2009. The hotel has 482 luxury rooms, where the service is provided at the highest level. In addition, this is the only hotel in Dubai that provides an opportunity to drink alcoholic beverages, which adds even more popularity among tourists.

Makkah Clock Royal Tower, Saudi Arabia

A truly incredible building that has 76 floors and is one of the tallest hotels. The rooms in the hotel meet all European standards, and the view from the window is simply fascinating. A special feature of this hotel is that it is located near the al-Haram mosque in the clock tower of Mecca. In addition to luxury rooms, fitness centers, saunas, and a steam bath are available for guests. As for food, there are several restaurants, one of them is located on the roof of the hotel, where you can enjoy excellent Arabic cuisine.

Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea

At the present time, the hotel is unfinished, when it will be completed, it is not known. Initially, the project envisaged the construction of a hotel that would have 105 floors, but due to the economic crisis and lack of materials, it remains in an unfinished state.

Burj al Arab, UAE

The hotel looks like a sail and is a highlight of the resort of Dubai. This building rises 300 meters and has 202 comfortable rooms with luxurious interiors, which are equipped with all necessary appliances. On the territory of the hotel there are also several restaurants where you can taste delicious dishes, several bars. In addition, there are swimming pools, Jacuzzis, several saunas. For those who intend to hold a business meeting, you can use the conference room.

Emirates Hotel Tower, United Arab Emirates

This hotel is located directly in the business center. For guests in the rooms provided with all the necessary equipment for a comfortable stay. The interior includes innovation with elegant elements. The rooms offer an extraordinary panorama of the city, as well as colorful landscapes. Guests can visit beauty salons and hot tubs. For those who want to relax on the beach, there is a private beach, and for those who like to relax by the pool, there is an indoor and outdoor pool.

Addres Downtown Burj Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Burj Dubai is one of the highest hotels in the world and has 63 floors with 196 luxury rooms. In addition to elegant rooms that have everything you need to spend an unforgettable holiday, the hotel also provides services for organizing official events, business meetings, and various conferences. For families with children, special rooms are provided, as well as a children’s club where young tourists can have fun. Spa facilities, fitness centers, and massage parlors are available for adults.

BaiyokeTower 2, Thailand

One of the highest hotels in the world, its number of floors is 90, and it is listed in the Guinness Book of records in 1997, but today it ranks only third. The number of rooms in the hotel is really large, there are 673 of them, they are located between the 22 and 84 floors. The hotel has 5 restaurants and small cafes where you can taste extremely delicious dishes from the chef. To enjoy the unique panorama of the city and its attractions, the hotel has special viewing platforms, which are located on the 77th and 84th floor.

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Kuznechny Lane of 14a
(an entrance from the Marat St., 22-24)