Регент (ВИП-зона)

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Забронировать номер Регент (ВИП-зона)
ВИП отель в Санкт-Петербурге

Apartments of the Premium VIP-zone Classes are excellent place for a rest and comfortable habitation. Modern, gorgeous furniture of room is emphasized your status and allowed you to be a favorite guest. Unique combination of ultraviolet and colours of blue are spellbinder. And a mild shine of lights are connected with a starry sky.
Regent VIP is equipped all that need for a rest. In the room you can use an infrared sauna, spa-pool, cabinet for massage, modern consumer electronics, Internet access and other. Vivid and strict design, excellent chamber are created comfort. Also, it’s a nice place for lover’s tryst or just a rest in company of your friends.

Категория: ВИП-зона
3`500 р. за 1 час